Raving Fans

“The open and active minded strategies and activities have done wonders, MY STUDENTS ASK FOR A BRAIN BREAK!! How cool is that??”

– Elizabeth Dahdal (3rd Grade Teacher, Miles Elementary)

“I was a little hesitant to take this session because I didn’t want to be interactive today. :( I’m so glad I did! I am in a totally happy mood now!”

– Kim L, Professional Development Coordinator

“This was the best workshop I have attended in my 18 years of teaching.”

– Karlene B. (3rd Grade Teacher)

“Very helpful material which can be used for all teachers including special areas like myself (art). I was very engaged.”

– Erica N. (Art Teacher)

“I love when I walk away from a workshop knowing I have new, innovative ideas for my classroom that will actively engage my students.”

– Bonnie A. (3rd Grade Teacher)

“I will be using “complex” activities in my weekly reading selection as opposed to difficult tasks. I will also use brain breaks more often because I know students need frequent breaks.”

– Adelene S. (4th Grade Teacher)

“This would be useful to me in all areas.  Keep doing this worldwide if possible.”

– Charese S. (K-12th Grade Reading Teacher)

Most useful: “the practical tips to use immediately in the classroom.”

– Marlene V. (K-3rd Grade Academic Coach)

“Excellent presentation- time flew- very interesting- I am determined to build connections and reduce stress levels in my class.”

– Melissa B. (6th-8th Grade Teacher)

“Very animated.  Involved whole room.”

– Stephanie M. (College Student)

“You are AMAZING, ENERGETIC and ENGAGING!  Keep it up and thank you!”

– Danielle S. (First Year Teacher)

“I was actually skeptical about coming, but within the first 5 minutes I was engaged and not thinking about all the things I had to do.  I am very excited to start the school year.”

– Dawn C. (K-5th Grade Reading Teacher)

“I loved the fact we were never sitting for long.”

– Stacey C. (2nd Grade Teacher)

“I loved this workshop.  Very engaging and great modeling.”

– Jerri E. (4th Grade Teacher)

“Moment of Epiphany- I am logical-mathematical- our group had 5- most were visual spatial.  Reflection how often do I teach to the intelligence I most use and not to those of most my students.”

– Tim Hefner (5th Grade Teacher)

“I would say I know what Rigor and Relevance is.  I was stunned with this workshop!  It was amazing!  This workshop would make a great difference in all [our] schools.”

– Betty R. (3rd Grade Teacher)

“You are fantastic!  I want to tell the principal to get you to our school!”

– Serenity A. (3rd Grade Teacher)

“All of the content of the training was useful.  I love all of the ideas, especially the energizers!”

– Sandy H. (1st Grade Teacher)

“I loved all of the quick-to-use strategies presented!”

– Dana M. (ESE Teacher)

“We have embraced all that we learned when we heard you speak at ISC this past summer. It has enabled us to become better educators, challenging the brains of our 3rd graders- providing them with a more qualitative education.”

– Elizabeth Dahdal (3rd Grade Teacher, Miles Elementary)

“Your workshop provided great ideas to get kids up and moving!”

– Angela H. (5th Grade Teacher)

“This session was even more powerful and impactful than I could have ever imagined!”

– Jill (Director)

“This was great!  My favorite training of all that I attended today!”

– Jak S. (4th/5th Grade Teacher)

“You are wonderful and gifted at teaching!”

– Tonya B. (Para-professional)

“You are upbeat and have great ideas!  Would be great if you could conduct one of our summer in-services.”

– Lisa G. (2nd Grade Teacher)

“This workshop was well paced and the visuals were very effective for memory recall.”

– Sheila K. (3rd Grade Teacher)

“Great ideas and activities that will really help me in such a new position.”

– Suzanne (Assistant Director)

“Loved it!  Please come to my school!”

– Mikala G. (3rd Grade Teacher)

“This is an excellent presentation.  I would recommend it for a general session in the future.”

– Heidi M. (Middle School Teacher)

“The entire workshop was so engaging and useful.  Very motivating and you really got the participants moving!”

– Brandi K. (8th Grade Math Teacher)

“Your ideas and activities were very active and engaging.”

– Jennifer A. (4th Grade Teacher)

“You did an amazing job.  You really kept our attention and kept our minds at work.”

– Rylee (Assistant Director)

“The number games and theory of the brain were most useful.  The training was both refreshing and energizing.”

– Tom S. (10th Grade English Teacher)

“I really enjoyed your workshop.  It was one of the best I ever attended.”

– Molly I. (Para-professional)

“I teach at a Title 1/renaissance school, so your techniques help make even the most challenging students want to learn and succeed.”

– Elizabeth Dahdal (3rd Grade Teacher, Miles Elementary)

“Best in-service I have attended in 15 years of teaching- They speak to making us better teachers and I feel I can actually use these techniques.”

– Corey M. (11th/12th Grade Teacher)

“Sharing different strategies that allow the students to think on a deeper level was very helpful.  I need to use more non-traditional methods in class.”

– David G. (9th Grade Teacher)

“I really enjoyed the presentation and felt like I have learned so much information and ideas that I can go back and use at our workplace.”

– Brooke (Director)

“The afternoon went very fast.  Your presentation was very interesting, well organized and helpful.”

– Ed S. (9th-12th Grade Teacher)

“Loved the ‘real time’ demonstration.  We don’t always get that in workshops.  You are very knowledgeable.”

– Anonymous (High School Teacher)

“I enjoyed the chance to hear new ideas and see them implemented in the classroom.  Your enthusiasm is refreshing.”

– Jim V. (10th-12th Grade Teacher)

“Learning isn’t quiet.”

– (1st Grade Teacher)

“I’m going to use this [Brain-Powered Strategies to Engage All Learners] as my teaching “bible”.”

– (3rd Grade Teacher)