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Minds That Matter®, Inc. has extensive experience in consulting with regional offices of education, large urban and suburban districts, small rural districts, and individual schools ranging from public to charter to private.

We serve clients internationally with services ranging from single-day professional development workshops to monthly implementation plans. Coaching and classroom demonstrations are a unique component to our consulting services. Some of our consulting engagements are school-based, while others include professional development for the district office, trainers, principals, and instructional coaches.

We can develop customized online follow-up professional development for your organization. We are happy to assist you in increasing student achievement through engaging instruction for your next steps!

Minds That Matter®, Inc is excited to offer the following workshops and more!

Workshops are designed to encompass brain research and implement best practices to allow you to meet your student’s individual needs while honing your teaching skills. Our hands-on, brain-poweredTM workshops are constructed to help your student’s achievement soar while having fun! It is time for students to take ownership of their own learning and empower them – relieving the workload of teachers!

Minds That Matter Brain Stem

Minds That Matter® is pleased to offer workshops that create parallel connections between powerful instruction and:

  • teacher evaluation systems (i.e. Marzano, Danielson)
  • rigorous standards (i.e. STAAR, etc)

The Brain-Powered™ workshops are structured in a way that creates a well-rounded and strong instructional classroom centered on the brain while maximizing learning and retention.

First, we recommend starting with Empowering Our Brain-Powered™ Instructional Environment to discover specific ways to help your students de-stress and focus on the learning taking place.

Then, we dive into a day or more of Engage Me… Please! Using Brain-Powered™ Strategies where participants learn how to engage their students in a way that is powerful, meaningful, purposeful and fun.

Finally, we bring it all together in Planning Brain-Powered™ Lessons to take instruction to a new level where we use everything that has been learned along with the 4i’s™ lesson plan and its best practices components.

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We specialize in customized solutions to fit your exact needs. To inquire about our brain-powered™ workshops, brain-powered™ coaching programs, or brain-powered™ products, please contact us at (813) 360-0630 or info@mindsthatmatterinc.com.

***Follow-up workshops or coaching sessions are strongly recommended to assist teachers in strengthening their skills and comfort level while taking their instruction up another level. We assist in putting this successful plan in place.***

Don’t see what you are looking for? Please contact us to discuss a customized brain-powered™ workshop that meets your teacher’s needs.